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Are you in need of good quality fabrics?

Supreme Fabrics has a reputation of stocking and supplying some of the best quality fabrics that one can find from around the world. We carry a large collection of vintage laces and trims that go back to the mid 30's. take a look at our product page and if you can't  find what you are looking for please email us at SALES@SUPREMFABRICS.COM

After 84 years Supreme Novelty Fabrics has taken the large step of devoting its sales solely to an online platform. Our thousands of different fabrics and laces are now available to the world wide community through our online presence.Please feel free to request the electronic transmission of laces and fabrics delivered to your phone or computer.and as always actual cuttings can be requested and sent to you free of charge.

84 year old company, we are third-­generation fabric experts, maintaining the American tradition of quality, knowledge and expertise in textiles and novelties that offer original design solutions in clothing, special-­occasion gowns,
interiors and event-­spaces located in Chicago IL. Supreme Novelty Fabric began in 1931 with Sam Schecter selling bridal illusion out of the trunk of his car in Midwestern cities like Cleveland, Detroit, and Chicago. By 1938, he opened his first store front in the heart of what was then Chicago’s garment district. From the start, Supreme Fabrics has been committed to offering the best quality fabrics and novelties such as trims, buttons, and lace. Today, Sam’s grandson, Richard Schneider continues the family tradition of offering a wide selection of quality fabrics and trims on-line. He started at Supreme Fabrics as a teenager making lace display boards and cutting yardage. Today, he has his eyes to the future, taking Supreme to the forefront of textile technology.

We are offering countless new fabrics, laces, and trims to the design community. Since our inception in 1931, Supreme Novelty Fabrics has been buying and selling lace. Because of this, we have acquired the largest selection of vintage and contemporary lace outside of a museum. These laces come from all over Europe and Asia in a variety styles and colors. Our history also allows us to offer the largest selection of vintage laces in the US!

We now offer custom fabric printing, please give us a call to get all the details.